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to Global Environmental & Economic Sustainability through reforestation and ecological enhancement effort.

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Canopy Earth provides internships with participating academic institutions to provide first hand experience to students seeking experience in the field of ecological restoration.

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Global Warming and the Impacts of Deforestation

Every minute a forest the size of twenty football fields or an area equivalent to three times the size of Denmark are cut down. Global forest replacement currently is occurring at half the rate of global deforestation. At this current rate forests globally will shrink to just 10% of their cover by 2030.

Average interception of rainfall by a forest canopy ranges from 10-40% depending upon species, time of year, and precipitation rates per storm event. Forests significantly reduce erosion from wind and water and are key in the prevention of water-related disasters, i.e. landslides and flooding.

Canopy Earth organizes and assists with
the implementation of reforestation programs
in the United States and abroad.


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“Canopy Earth (CE) is a community supported non-profit organization focused upon reforestation and ecological enhancement efforts.”

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