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Global Warming and the Impacts of Deforestation

Canopy Earth (CE) is a community supported non-profit organization focused upon reforestation and ecological enhancement efforts. Canopy Earth organizes and assists with the implementation of reforestation programs in the United States and abroad. The reforestation of equatorial regions is a significant area of focus as regenerating forests in these regions have more capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon. Many of the current areas of focus for Canopy Earth are among the most economically disadvantaged communities globally. Tree species focused upon by Canopy Earth are drought-resistant, food producing and indigenous to the specific planting area. Providing food-producing trees to these economically imperiled communities helps to provide economic as well as ecological resiliency.

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Canopy Earth was formed to connect people with the reestablishment of the world’s forest ecosystems. The future of the Earth’s climate is inextricably linked to the future of forests. There may be no other time in history more important than now to reclaim and reestablish these biological systems. Anyone interested is welcome to participate. Canopy Earth connects residents in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere with the restoration of critical forest ecosystems. Anyone interested in participating abroad can contact Canopy Earth for more information or to get involved. Your generous grass-roots financial support directly assists with the implementation of Canopy Earth’s mission.

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