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Canopy Earth provides internships with participating academic institutions to provide first hand experience to students seeking experience in the field of ecological restoration. Participants learn reforestation techniques and have the opportunity to become acclimated to a new bioregion. Sustainable living and water conservation techniques are other important topics covered in Canopy Earth internships. Participants have the opportunity to engage in the reclamation of highly declining ecosystems and learn valuable life and ecological restoration skills that enhance the area of focus as well as the practical skills of the participant in the field of ecological restoration. Canopy Earth is currently developing an internship program with the University of Oregon’s Environmental Studies program to engage students in the restoration of severely impacted biological systems and to provide assistance to the local communities the ecosystems support.


Recent studies illustrate that large-scale global reforestation initiatives have the capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon by up to two-thirds of pre-Industrial Revolution levels. Canopy Earth prioritizes reforestation programs that have a significant impact on a region’s ecology as well as providing a positive impact on the regional inhabitants. Canopy Earth’s reforestation initiatives assist in improving soil conditions, increasing access to fresh food and water, as well as improving quality of life for selected planting regions.


Canopy Earth directly engages youth participants in active reforestation projects. For more information on how to involve youth and/or student groups in planting projects please contact Canopy Earth at 541-300-8011 or at [email protected]